Mold Hiding Areas in Your Home

Mold and mildew in your home is a very serious situation, and can take less than 48 hours for spores to grow, making it a crucial situation that needs to be handled as urgently as possible. Mold and mildew can affect your home’s structural integrity, and more importantly can cause allergic reactions and even death in certain individuals. We make sure to handle any mold situations with the highest sense of urgency and care. It is important to know where the mold hiding areas in your home are located and how you can prevent mold in the future.

If you are experiencing mold damage, here are some useful MOLD TIPS:

  • Call a specialist immediately at the first site of a possible mold or mildew outbreak.
  • Stay away from any and all affected areas.
  • Make sure to remove all young children, elderly, or those with known allergy issues from the immediate vicinity.
  • Do NOT try to blow-dry any areas that may be contaminated or place any form of air movement in the general vicinity.
  • Turn off any heating or cooling systems as well as fans currently operating in the home.
  • Do NOT spray any bleach or disinfectants on the contaminated area.
  • Block the affected area from the rest of your home as much as possible.


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